Gopher Rubber Sport Ball Packs

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Choose from introductory Performer™ or upgraded Performer Plus™, or our best UltraPlay™ rubber sport balls in official sizes!

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Three levels of quality and performance lend themselves to your students and allow them to practice, play, and develop skills using officially-sized equipment. Rubber balls offer the playability your students demand, the resilience you expect, and the most ideal way to facilitate growth when it comes to playing basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball.


  • All 3 level packs feature official-sized sport balls for soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball, giving you a durable, long-lasting choice that’s perfect for any PE program and a great option for any institutional setting where multiple player use happens.
  • Three great choices to help your students practice the game and skills needed to succeed.
  • Each pack comes with storage and transportation, taken care of by Gopher VersaBag™ mesh bags. These bags not only protect balls; they also keep them ventilated.
  • Official-sized balls make these packs appropriate for Junior and Senior high school level ages.

Three Levels of Quality

This pack offers officially-sized balls for basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball, to give your students a true-to-game feel with a material that’s ideal for practice and development. A choice of 3 different levels of rubber allows you to select a quality ball to match your classes needs, based on their age, skill, and comfort level.

  • Performer™ level ball packs are made of textured, long-lasting rubber that outperforms and outlasts other rubber sport balls on the market. Junior and Senior-level students will love the grip, performance, and playability of these balls as they seek to perfect game mechanics and understanding of the fundamentals.
  • Performer Plus™ balls take quality one step further, adding even more strength and resilience in the form of a denser rubberized construction. Despite the added resilience, these balls are actually softer than other rubber balls, which delivers optimal results and superior reactivity.
  • UltraPlay™ rubber balls are our most durable and softest rubber balls, lending themselves to more proficient players and advanced athletes. These balls will continue to offer a high level of play throughout their life, allowing students to showcase their skills, even during practice!

A Great Selection of Balls

Not only is the design and construction of each ball in this pack conducive to superior play, the depth of selection ensures it’ll accommodate athletes focused on basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball! Whether you’re teaching a specific PE unit or you’re giving students a free day to play as they please, this pack will ensure there are balls specific enough for whatever activity awaits your students. And, thanks to the combined variety and quality of this pack, you won’t need to stretch your PE budget buying multiple ball packs to get the selection your classes demand.

Gopher Rubber Sport Ball Pack Options

Gopher Rubber Sport Ball Packs are available in 3 ball types.

  • Ball Types
    • Performer™ Pack, 52 Pieces
    • Performer Plus™ Pack, 52 Pieces
    • UltraPlay™ Pack, 52 Piece
  • Each pack includes: