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Gopher Introductory Sport Ball Pack


Introduce sports to younger students with balls made specifically for them!

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Balls for every sport, designed to accommodate young athletes and beginner players. Students can pick the ball that’s right for their activity and rely on a strong, friendly construction to help them get acclimated with basic skills, mechanics, and game fundamentals. Bright colors are welcoming and serve to promote great class organization!

Great Options for Younger Players

This pack contains an assortment of 42 basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls, designed in the style of our SofTex™ and DuraBall™ lines, specifically for younger users. Sporting a friendly and soft, yet extremely durable construction, these balls are the premier standard for introducing younger players to sporting fundamentals.

Thanks to their non-intimidating nature and friendly, non-sting covers, you can quickly eliminate any fears that might dissuade younger students from picking up a ball and getting active in a sport! Instead, it’s easy to showcase and teach the fundamentals of throwing, catching, shooting, dribbling, and handling these balls with proper form! Students will quickly see for themselves that there’s nothing to fear and in no time at all they’ll be actively enjoying their sport of choice.

  • SofTex™ balls are made with durable PVC rubber, giving younger players a reliably textured surface that’s easy to grip and handle. Soft and friendly to the touch, there’s no sting when it comes to these balls, which means young players can approach each new sport or skill with complete confidence. These balls are also smaller (Sizes 3 and 4), for easier handling by younger hands and feet.
  • DuraBall™ sport balls are constructed with a molded-liquid vinyl that offers a seamless shell, exuding durability and resilience against institutional play. Despite their strength, these balls remain soft and non-intimidating to decrease fears and boost confidence. Larger than SofTex™ balls (Sizes 4, 5, and 6), these are closer to official sizes, paving the way for familiarity and proficiency as skills grow.

Robust Colors

Along with their non-intimidating texture and construction, the vibrant Rainbow® colors of these balls make them appealing to your younger students. Players can pick their favorite color and get acclimated with their chosen sport comfortably, eventually branching out to other balls while still having confidence in their choice of color.

Rainbow® colors also provide teachers with organization capabilities and a way to keep students on-task at all times. Set up skills stations with color corresponding to a particular action and assign groups that take turns at each. Or, get the entire class involved in games where colors equate to different points or rules, to ensure everyone is staying active.

Each pack includes: