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ACTION! Yuki-Ball Set


Fast-paced, action-packed twist on Capture the Flag indoors or out!

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Based on the Japanese snowball game Yuikigassen (“snow battle”), Yuki-Ball provides nonstop games for large groups any time of year! Players on offense work to capture the flag or eliminate opponents with white coated-foam “snowballs,” while defenders protect their flag and replenish snowballs for their teammates. All players use the Yuki-Ball barriers as protection while they maneuver around the play area. The first team to capture their opponent’s flag or completely eliminate the other team wins!

Unique, Fun, and Energetic

Want to get your entire class up and moving, expending plenty of energy? This snow ball game accommodates up to 14 players, 7 per team, meaning you could easily have 2 games running at once depending on the size of your class!

Create a court that is 120' long and 30' wide (can be adjusted based on available area). Divide it in half and designate each team an area. Place the largest center barrier in the middle and additional barrier at 6', 30', and 48' from the end on each side. Place the flag at 30', next to the 30' barrier. Designate 4 players as offensive players and the remaining 3 as defensive players. Offensive players cannot cross into the last quarter area on their side, but can go into the opponents’ area. Only 3 of the 4 offensive players may cross into the opponents’ area at a time. Both teams start lined up on their quarter line. On the signal, players attempt to capture their flag, located in the opponent’s area. If they cross into the other side and are hit by a snowball, they are "out". Both the offensive and defensive players work together to capture their flag.

The game consists of 3 periods, each lasting 3 minutes. After each round, players switch sides on the court. Calculate points at the end of the round. Points can be scored a number of ways, for example: opponent’s flag being captured (10pts), an entire team is eliminated (10pts), active players at the end of each round (1pt), all 4 players from the other team accidentally across the center line (10pts).

Indoor or Outdoor Fun

This set is available in an indoor or outdoor version. The main difference is that the outdoor set has stakes on the bottoms of the barriers, while the indoor sets have weighted bases that rest on the gym floor. The balls for each set are also slightly different, with the outdoor balls being firmer to be able to travel farther in an outdoor environment. Pinnies and balls are also sold separately.

All of the equipment is made with high-quality materials, so you can be sure this whole set will last for years through game after game of high-energy play.

ACTION! Yuki-Ball Set Options

ACTION! Yuki-Ball Sets are available in sets. Balls and Pinnies also sold separately.

  • Complete Sets. Includes 90 balls, 7 barriers (6 ea 36”W x 36”H, 1 ea 72”W x 36”H), 2 flags, 2 vinyl cones, 14 pinnies, 2 buckets, and activity instructions. Indoor Set also includes 3 rolls of floors tape, while the Outdoor Set barriers include ground stakes.
    • Indoor Set with Red/Blue Pinnies
    • Outdoor Set with Green/Orange Pinnies
  • Balls
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
  • Pinnies
    • Red/Blue, Set of 14
    • Green/Orange, Set of 14


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