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Mo-Ball™ Stability Ball Chair
Tenjam Drift Stools
Elephant Z-Stools
Focal Upright™ Mobis Seat
Wobble Stools

Wobble Stools

Sensory Peanut Ball
Pillow Beanbag Chair
Rainbow GoGo Seat Cushions
Diesel Stools

Diesel Stools

Ballo Stools

Ballo Stools

Interstuhl Upis1 Stools
Hierarchy Flipz Active Stools
Hierarchy Grow Active Stools
Wobble Stool Air Active Chairs
Up-Rite Height Adjustable Stool
SitRight™ Stability Ball Chair
Swivel Keg Active Seat
Compact Inflator
Mogo Active Seat
Executive Kore™ Chair
Humanscale® Saddle Stools
Task Master® Adjustable Footrest
Focal Locus Learning Seat
Shift™ Adjustable Footrest
Focal Upright™ Pivot Seat
Cha-Cha Circular Teaming Table
Endurance Polyester Carpets
Colorful Rows Seating Rugs
Focal Upright Twister Active Stools
SoftStudy Beanbag Chairs
Joggle Active Seat Cushion
Revolve Plus Active Stools
Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Keep students moving during the day with active seating options that are designed to increase focus. Moving Minds offers a variety of stools, stability ball chairs, and seats that are perfect for any classroom table or school desk!

Reduce squirming and fidgeting with student chairs and ergonomic seats that are designed to stimulate thinking and allow continuous, non-distracting movement. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, we have versatile designs and color options to spruce up your classroom seating arrangements.

Stability ball chairs allow purposeful movement to strengthen students’ core muscles while increasing focus on school work. Moving Minds offers a variety of options, from stability balls with feet to mobile ball chairs, individually and in convenient sets for the whole class.

If you’re looking for a twist on the classic ball chair, the Zenergy™, Runtz™ and Jellyfish Ball chairs offer a contemporary look while still helping to improve posture and concentration. The vibrant colors and durable covers make these an excellent choice for both students and teachers. 

Looking for desk stools instead of chairs? Incorporate some Ballo stools and Wobble stools that allow students to tilt and rock throughout the class period. These stools allow positive motions in class that can help speed up cognition and make deeper connections to learning materials.