Classroom Stability Ball Packs

Strengthen your students' minds and core muscles by swapping out chairs for stability balls!

Improve your students' attention, concentration, posture, balance, coordination, and more, while strengthening their core muscles. Unique BALLance™ Stability Balls feature feet to keep the ball in place when it's unoccupied, but when a student sits on it, the feet go away and the ball is unstable and core-engaging. Burst resistant up to 500 lb for safety. Packs include 24 Rainbow® BALLance™ Stability Balls. Choose from 45 cm (18" dia) or 55 cm (22" dia) and refer to the chart below for proper sizing.

  • 45 cm (18" dia) - elementary students or students 5'H or below
  • 60 cm (24" dia) - Jr high students or students 5' to 6'H


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