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Whether you’re looking to redefine your teaching strategy, update your lesson plans or just learn more about incorporating fitness into your classroom, Moving Minds has books and resources to help you achieve it!

Popular books, like Spark and The Kinesthetic Classroom, offer the latest research and insights into the link between fitness and brain activity. These books and more will show you how to enhance your lesson plans with movement to promote learning, cognition, and retention, without disrupting your classroom.

Moving Minds offers resources for incorporating various movement breaks into your classroom. Yoga flash cards offer students a relaxing break, while kids fitness DVDs take a more traditional approach to classroom workouts. Looking for something quicker? The 5 Minute Physical Activities or Energizing Brain Breaks flipbooks offer short activity ideas that are perfect for keeping students engaged in learning throughout the day.

Fitness technology is great resource for tracking activity. Student pedometers, activity monitors or heart rate monitors provide clear, analytical data that will ensure students are getting the right amount of physical activity every day. Whether you want to track progress over time or focus on meeting daily goals, technology makes it simple, accurate and fun!