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SmartStudy Pedal Desk
SmartStudy Stability Ball Desk
Kidsfit Kinesthetic Classroom Pedal Desks
Rumba Screen Mobile Whiteboard
FitDesk 3.0

FitDesk 3.0

Kidsfit Kinesthetic Classroom Strider Desk
Kidsfit Kinesthetic Classroom Kneeling Desks
Kidsfit Kinesthetic Classroom Step Desk
Lifespan Treadmill Desks
Euro Reversible Mobile Whiteboard
FitDesk Recumbent Bike Desk
White Wall Storage System
Visionary Move Mobile Magnetic Glass Boards
Lifespan Treadmill Desk Bases

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Encourage students’ focus and collaboration with classroom workstations that promote kinesthetic learning.

Help students improve academic performance and increase both cognition and memory by creating a classroom design that keeps students moving throughout the day. Traditional classroom settings can cause students to become absent minded or fidgety. Moving Minds™ offers a variety of classroom workstations that allow for a range of movements—from bouncing to swinging—so students can get out restless energy without disrupting the class.

Boost attentiveness and concentration with our multi-station activity desks and workstations that allow kids to move while encouraging them to problem solve together! Our multi-student workstations create a comfortable face-to-face environment with varying movements to cultivate teamwork while providing active learning opportunities for each student. Individual kinesthetic desks allow for subtle movements, like twisting, balancing, stepping and more!

If you want an even more active learning environment, check out our fitness desk options. Our pedal desks, treadmill desks, and elliptical desks are all designed to create full student interaction for single or multi-user stations and are great for a variety of age groups.