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Outfit your classroom with standing desks to encourage active learning and promote students' health.

Decrease lethargic and tired students with permanent or adjustable stand-up desks. Incorporating standing desks into your classroom will support student health and learning by reducing risks commonly associated with sitting all day, including cardiovascular problems, obesity and muscle pain. Using stand-up desks in your classroom will increase students’ energy levels, cognition, memory, and focus.

Moving Minds offers both permanent and adjustable standing desks. Traditional standing desks, like AlphaBetter® and Stand2Learn™, provide the reliability of standard classroom desks at a stand-up height. These are great for all classroom types and can be perfectly paired with our active seating solutions, like our Wobble or Pedal Stools, so students can take short breaks from standing. Our manual or electric, sit-to-stand desks and tables offer more flexibility for individual students. Easy-to-adjust desks go from sitting to standing in a snap while keeping computers, books, and work neatly organized.

Looking for even more flexibility? Mobile standing workstations add a level of convenience to any classroom. They allow you to keep the class moving and shifting as the lessons change, without students changing desks! Your class can transition from a circle discussion to small groups, to a traditional seating chart in seconds and quickly get back to learning.

If you want to enhance what you already have, tabletop additions are the perfect solution! They can quickly transform existing classroom furniture into adjustable standing desks, allowing students to sit or stand during class. From simple, portable tabletop extensions to mounted standing attachments, Moving Minds has plenty of options that will fit your classroom and your budget.