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Get your class moving with fun fitness activities and active learning games!

Fitness breaks are a simple addition to any classroom with the right tools. Moving Minds offers activities that are specifically designed to get your class moving. From the fun Fit-N-Spin™ wheel to fitness dice, flashcards, bingo, and more, staying active throughout the day has never been easier. Your students will love how engaging the activities are, and you’ll love watching their test scores rise.

Larger than life games, like Chess and Dominos, combine mental acuity and physical activity to sharpen skills in both areas. Even traditional board games can provide a fun and active break from learning. Feeling creative? Create your own games with accessories like rubber band balls, scarves, and giant dice that make integrating physical activity into the classroom a fun task with endless possibilities.

Looking for something simple? The HOPSports® Brain Breaks® Physical Activity Program offers a no-prep solution that’s easy to implement. With 5-minute activity videos for students K-12, this one-stop program is a perfect solution for any class or school.

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