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Fun for the whole brain!

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Cranium is the outrageously fun award-winning board game packed with something-for-everyone! This game touches all areas of cognitive development and fine motor skills, to provide students with equally fun and engaging opportunities to grow. Students need to work together to make sure their team gets to Cranium Central first!

How to Play

Players are divided into teams of at least 2, with their marker placed on the start area of the board. Each team rolls 2 dice to see who goes first—the sum of the 2 dice that’s highest goes first and the turns move clockwise from there.

Teams start by rolling a colored die, which designates how far they’ll move. When the die is rolled and the color is determined, they’ll pick a card from the corresponding colored deck, which is an action card. Students must follow the instructions on the card and complete the task in order to move to the next space. If the instructions are not complete, no movement is made. A 3-minute sand timer sets the pace.

Teams alternate and take turns choosing cards from different areas of focus depending on the color they roll. Categories include everything from drawing a picture or singing a song, to solving a math problem or spelling a word! The object is to make your way all the way around the board to the center, completing instructions along the way, where you’ll go through a marathon series of tasks to see if you’re the winner!

Cranium includes the Cranium board, 600 outrageous cards covering 14 fun activities, a 10-sided die, 2 tubs of cool Cranium Clay (NW 4oz., 113g) a timer, pads, pencils and 4 play pieces. For 4 or more players.

Safe Products for Classrooms and Moving Minds Programs – Moving Minds CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.